Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue & Trigger Point Therapy (Medical Massage)
55 minutes - 80 minutes - 2 hours
$65.00 - $85.00 - $120.00
I use a mixture of deep tissue and trigger point, with firm Swedish for my medical Massage. This helps to release pain and restrictions in the muscles and connective tissues. I don't ascribe to a "no pain, no gain" philosophy, but there are times when deep tissue work/ trigger point can be very beneficial and effective for pain and tension relief. If we opt for deep tissue work/trigger point, I will communicate with you to ensure that the pressure and depth of the work is within your comfort zone. You are in control of the process throughout the session. Many clients describe deep tissue/trigger point work as a "good hurt", the feeling that deep tension and tender nodules are being worked out of the muscles

Pregnancy Massage

Prenatal Massage
55 minutes - 80 minutes - 2 hours
$65.00 - $85.00 - $120.00
During pregnancy, the heart increases blood flow by 30 to 50 percent. The lungs require a 30 to 40 percent increase in the air you inhale, putting more stress on the muscles in your chest and neck. The stomach must handle increased food intake, while the stomach (and the intestines and diaphragm) are pushed upwards due to the uterus growing. Blood flow in the kidneys increases by 35 percent and makes their filtering function increase by 40 percent, which increases urine production. The growing uterus puts increased pressure on the bladder, which results in frequent urination and urine leakage. Your growing belly increases the curve of your lower back, causing pain and also putting more pressure on your joints and bones. Relaxin is a hormone your body produces during pregnancy, which makes your ligaments looser and can cause the joints to become less stable.

Pregnancy Massage Benefits:
• Increases circulation and helps reduce stress, which will help keep blood pressure in check.
• Eliminates toxins from the body, which will help reduce fatigue.
• Offers stress relief for weight bearing joints, like ankles, low back and pelvis.
• Provides relief of headaches, backaches, stiff necks, swelling, sore feet and even sciatica.
• Assists in proper posture to help prevent future postural imbalances.
• Increases oxygen and nutrients to the mother and baby, which delivers more nutrients to the baby, and increases the mother’s energy.
• Stabilizes hormone levels.
• Creates relaxation and better sleep, making for a healthier (and happier!) mom.
• Increases flexibility of muscles, which will result in an easier birth.
• Relaxes the pelvis, which helps improve the rotation of a breech presentation and makes for an easier childbirth.
• Speeds recovery postpartum, in either vaginal childbirth or cesarean section.
• Makes breast feeding easier and creates more milk production due to reduced tension.


Relaxation (Swedish)
55 minutes - 80 minutes - 2 hours
$65.00 - $85.00 - $120.00
Swedish massage is the most common form of massage offered. It incorporates long, gliding strokes with firm but gentle pressure to promote relaxation, improve circulation, ease muscle aches and improve flexibility. It is a great way to reduce stress and tension.


Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy
55 minutes - 80 minutes - 2 hours
$65.00 - $85.00 - $120.00
(This can also be incorporated into a Deep Tissue or Swedish Massage session)
I use a soft touch to release restrictions in the craniosacral system (the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord.) These gentle techniques support the functioning of the central nervous system. This type of technique is done on a fully clothed body, I also incorporate these techniques into my other massages for the appropriate relief of headaches, neck, back pain, diaphragm, and sacrum pain.

Infant Massage

Infant Massage Therapy Classes

We will be offering once a month classes for new parents, grandparents, and godparents. Numerous studies have found that massage plays a significant role in promoting the proper growth and healthy development of infants. Physically, massage stimulates the nerves, increases blood flow and strengthens the immune system. It can relieve a host of childhood complaints from colic to constipation. A daily rubdown on a baby’s belly, for example, helps work out gas and regulates digestion. Massaging the chest may ease congestion. Gently stroking an infant’s face can improve her ability to suck. Most of all, massage is good for parent-child bonding.

Pediatric Massage Pediatric Massage therapy
55 minutes
Little people suffer from little problems. They experience pain and stress in very much the same way we adults do. Massage can help alleviate their pain, anxiety and depression. Nurturing touch is essential for helping children develop into well-adjusted adults, and massage offers a great way to provide that touch.
This therapy also provides comfort, relaxation, reduction of stress hormones; and relief from chronic conditions such as asthma, nausea, constipation, and muscle aches. Benefits of pediatric massage therapy are similar to the benefits of adult massage. They include:
•Decreased anxiety
•Pain reduction
•Improved muscle tone
•Enhanced pulmonary function
•Enhanced body image
•Increased bonding and attachment
•Increased self esteem
•Healthy sense of boundaries
•Stress reduction
•Overall sense of well-being

Immediately after receiving massage, children with mild to moderate juvenile rheumatoid arthritis notice decreased anxiety and stress hormone levels.
For young patients with autism their aversion to touch decreases with massage, while their ability to focus increases. Pediatric patients with cystic fibrosis report feeling less anxious, and their ability to breathe and pulmonary functions improved.

Hot Stones

Hot Stone Massage
55 minutes - 80 minutes - 2 hours
$75.00 - $95.00 - $130.00
Heated stones are applied to the body to help ease tension before we even get started. Using the stones as well as our hands as tools to relieve muscular adhesions and tension, we glide oiled stones over the muscles for a deep penetrating beneficial massage without having to push too hard. Great for those who are stressed out, have trouble handling deeper pressure, or who just want to warm up on a cold day.